Candide is a company built on the purpose of helping to build a secure, collaborative and essentially decentralized internet. At the launch of one of their key products, I was asked to design and build a strategy that would demonstrate the potential of InstaGas to bring together and harmonize the use of applications and services offered on the Web3.


The central challenge of the project was to effectively communicate the core ideas of the product:
The ability to bring together web3 applications, digital wallets and blockchain networks for the user.

The animation aimed to illustrate how InstaGas seamlessly unites and fosters a harmonious relationship among various web3 applications. The outcome successfully captured the primary purpose of the product.


The project's most significant challenge was overcome during the design and scene construction phase. The task was to propose the abstract concept of uniting a diverse range of products without relying on a supporting voiceover.

​​​​​​​The solution was to show, with an emphasis on the company's identity and product, the feeling of attraction, harmony and balance. I worked using a 2D aesthetic in monochromatic compositions, paying attention to the brand's colors to suggest compositions that correctly communicated InstaGas' impact on the niche market.

Once we had chosen the aesthetic, we had to make it a reality and bring the project to life.
Using Adobe After Effects, I worked to create a dynamic animation exploring the contrast between the force of attraction and orbital harmony.

The main objective was to create a sense of three-dimensionality and depth, even though it was created in software that is mostly two-dimensional.

This was achieved by using compositions with a strong exploration of the scale of objects, as well as extrusions. It was a process that took around seven days from the start of the project to the final result. 


Client: Candide Labs
Brand/Design/Animation/Sound: Joan Victor

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