In the despotic future that awaits us, humanity works to preserve its identity (and our favorite foods, for sure) in a world completely dominated by Artificial Intelligences and Rebellious Machines. 

We're fighting, and we don't always win...

But in this entirely digital world, the flavor and comfort of the sensory experience of good Sushi must be preserved. 
This is the mission of NeoNiguiri.

<Hey, I'm Joan!>

Nice to see you here!

Talking about the project, I challenged myself to create a complete piece of animation presenting the favorite dishes of the NeoNiguiri restaurant.The challenge was to create a vibrant and eye-catching presentation using limited assets (just a few photos cut out in Photoshop).

In this work, I chose to explore new techniques and solutions, using the potential of After Effects to give movement to the most renowned restaurant on the entire Web6! 

A combination of animated typography, vibrant color design, photographs of the house specialties, transitions, grids and sound helped create the original ambience combining cyberculture with our beloved sushi.

<h1>   Colors   </h1>
<h1>   Typography   </h1>

<h1>   Our Flagship   </h1>

<h1>    Moodboard  </h1>

<h1>   Credits    </h1>

Client: NeoNiguiri (Open since 2188)               Design, Animation and  Sound: Joan Victor


NeoNiguiri isn't a real restaurant (it won't open its doors until 2188), so for now it's just a case study.
Thanks for your time!
Joan Victor -  Folded Paper

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