0:03              Kusto Detective Project - I did Animation, illustration by Alexandra Stoian, direction by Igloo Creative House
0:16              I designed the piece and collaborated with André Helal on the animation  
0:33              I did animation, design by Fábio Guaia
0:37              I did animation, design by Alexandra Stoian, direction by Igloo Creative House
0:41/0:46     Spike Brand Animation - Directed by Igloo Creative House. I did design and animation
0:25             Kusto - In this case, I did the 2D animation of the road and the scenery.
                    3D cars animated by Arik Benari into the Igloo Creative House in-house team.

*For all the unspecified scenes, I did design and animation.

This IS NOT a Reel!

Yes, these are some of my best works!
Yes, they are carefully selected scenes from my finest moments.
But NO, this is not just a showreel.

Creating this small piece to showcase my best, I feel that it is much more than just a compilation. I still feel much of the excitement and happiness of making each thing move the way I envisioned. 
I can recall the pleasant surprises and the stresses that arose in each of these projects. Today, they represent much more to me than I can describe.


The work here embody the excitement and joy of discovering and learning new techniques. Some scenes carry the confidence of people who believed in me to create or animate something that represented significant projects in their lives, not just commercially.

Others scenes show the result of genuine effort in striving to be the best version of myself in the profession I have chosen. Living for design and animation is my goal, and also a privilege. With each new scene I animate and feel proud of, I remember that I dreamed and worked hard for the possibility of doing what I do now. That's why I am very happy to say that:

This is not just a Reel.

Thanks for your time! 
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