Who hasn't switched tabs to find a reference and then got sucked into an Instagram meme vortex?

Tech is awesome, no doubt. But ever wonder how many brilliant ideas slipped away after stumbling upon a cute cat video? 

Well, fear not! Introducing the coolest, most revolutionary, and high-tech solution ever:


The goal

Promotional videos utilizing 2D Motion Design have become a staple in the advertising industry. Our aim was to craft a lively, dynamic, and comprehensive 2D animation for a product that might typically be challenging to showcase solely through vector illustrations. We aimed to challenge the notion that motion design is reserved solely for 'cutting-edge' and predominantly digital technologies.


The challenge

Just like with any motion design project, our challenge was to move beyond a handful of phrases that captured the essence of the campaign and establish a style that effectively communicated our message.

References are an essential part of the creative process. That's why we filled our eyes with brilliant designs by talented artists we admire. This was the sexy moodboard we built:


The styleframes

You wouldn't bake a cake without deciding on the filling first!

Similarly, we wouldn't start animating without a clear vision of what our animation should look like. Styleframes played a crucial role in guiding the animation process from start to finish.


The colors

The colors played an important role in expressing the right vibes, spotlighting the problems we're addressing and the solution we're offering.

The script pushed us to play with contrasts: between serene and hectic scenes, digital and handmade touches, muted and vibrant hues. So, colors weren't just about looking good; they were part of the story we were telling.​​​​​​​

-Color tests. (Because hey, experimenting never hurt anyone!)


The animation

Motion design is a constantly evolving field. In this project, we set out to push our boundaries, seeking innovative solutions and exploring new techniques to craft a modern and original piece.

Leveraging the power of After Effects, we experimented with various transitions and delved into creating a three-dimensional feel, all without relying heavily on 3D objects in our video.


The credits
André Helal - Scriptwriting, Animation
Joan Victor - Design, Illustration, Animation, Sound
Alisson Hart - Voice Over

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